Center for mechanical testing and certification

At the Institute of Strength Problems named after H.S. Pysarenko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Center has been operating since 1998 of mechanical testing and certification of materials and structural elements, accredited by NAAU for competence in the field of conducting mechanical tests to determine characteristics materials and bearing capacity of structures in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006.

The Center has certified testing equipment for determining the mechanical properties of materials in a wide range of temperatures under static, cyclic and shock loads, measurement hardness by different methods.

The center conducts certification tests of the following types of products:
- Rolling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, incl. sheet;
- Pipes and pipe-shell constructions;
- Plastics and composite materials;
- Synthetic tapes and ropes, as well as individual protective equipment for climbing works.

Universal servo-hydraulic machine INSTRON 8802

The INSTRON 8802 machine provides tensile, compression, and bending tests. It has a climatic chamber and a high-temperature oven with a wide range of grips and devices for clamping samples of various types and parts at static and cyclic tests in the temperature range from minus 150ºС to plus 1000ºС. The axial deformation of the samples is measured by extensometers, specially intended for work in cryogenic, elevated and high conditions temperatures

   Test effort   up to 25 kN
   Stroke of the loading rod   up to 50 mm
   Extensometer measurement base    from 10 to 50 mm
   Test temperature   room
   Force and deformation measurement error   no more than 1%

Instron 1126 universal servo-hydraulic machine

The Instron 1126 machine provides static tests for tension, compression and bending, as well as low-cycle fatigue at room temperature.

   Maximum test effort   up to 200 kN
   The speed of movement of the active grip    from 0.01 to 200 mm/min
   Base  measurement of extensometers    from 10 to 50 mm
   Test temperature   room
   Error  measurement of force and deformation   no more than 1%

Testing machine 1246R 2/2300

Testing machine 1246P 2/2300 is designed for tensile tests in conditions of elevated and high temperatures in a vacuum.

   Test Effort Range   from 0.2 to 20 kN
   Permissible error from the maximum range value   ±2%
   Range  deformation measurement   from 0.2 to 20 mm
   Permissible error from the maximum range value   ±2%
   Test temperature   from 20 to 1500 ºС
   Permissible temperature adjustment error   from ± 5 ºС to ± 12 ºС
   Dynamic vacuum   not worse than 0.0007 Pa

The Center also has the following test equipment at its disposal:

Equipment name
   The machine is universal trial UE20   fatigue test
   Universal testing machine ZD-40   tensile test and compression
   High-frequency Vibrophor Pulsator   test on fatigue
   KM-50-1 test machine   torsion test
   AIMA-5-2 testing machines   creep and long-term strength tests
   Vibrating electrodynamic stand VL-3   test on fatigue
   Stand of static strength tests VIST-5(15)   tensile test
   Overclocking stand   test for destruction during rotation
   Unit of cyclic pressure of CDS   strength test
   Gasodynamic stand   thermal fatigue test, heat resistance and
   high-temperature corrosion

The center is staffed by qualified specialists, including those with higher qualifications (doctors and candidates of sciences), from among employees of the Institute of Strength Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which has more than 40 years of experience in the field of testing materials and elements constructions For the production of samples and equipment, it is necessaryth for performing tests, the Institute has a production base.

The center provides consultations in the field of mechanics materials and strength of structures under different conditions temperature and force load.

Head of the Center
KONDRYAKOV Evgeny Oleksandrovych,
candidate of technical sciences.

Adress: 2 Sadovo-Botanichna (Tymiriazievska) str., Kiyv-014, 01014, Ukraine
E-mail: phone +38 044 281-63-55